Medical Devices

We provide state-of-the-art medical technology

MediOracle is built on the principles of providing an individualised approach to training for each attendee.

LASEmaR® 1500

  • Multifunctionality | changing the handpieces present among Eufoton® range of accessories and the preset protocols, the laser is immediately usable for all the several treatments.
  • Absolute portability | thanks to the supplied smart trolley.
  • Software User-Friendly | all the treatments are preset and adjustable thanks to the easy and intuitive software.
  • Security | the software permits to set the operating parametres, warning the operator of its achievement with different acoustic alerts, without the necessity of diverting the attention from the patient.
  • Self diagnosis | principal circuits are continuously supervised from a security system, which informs the operator of the eventual anomalies and whenever it is necessary, it stops automatically the emission. 
  • Ordinary maintenance is not necessary and the solid state laser diode is not subject to wear and tear.
  • Working capacity of different hours per day without any problem of overheating.

Coolblast Cooling Device

  • Powerful Cooling | our device reaches a temperature of -38C in less than 3-4 minutes
  • Easy to Operate | turn on, use, turn off. As simple as that.
  • Robust | Coolblast is a very stable, and sturdy device

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