Innovation in Non-Surgical Facelifting and Body Contouring

Innovation in Non-Surgical Facelifting and Body Contouring

LASEmaR® 1500 – a versatile multifunctional device, and real breakthrough in the industry!

Ultra Thin Optical Fibre

Endolift® treatment is performed using specific single-use micro optical FTF fibers, as thin as a hair, which are easily inserted under the skin into the superficial hypodermis.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The skin tightening created by Endolift® is strictly linked to the selectivity of the laser beam used, a 1470nm diode laser, that is, to the specific interaction of the laser light which selectively hits two of the main targets of the human body: water and fat.

FDA Certified Device

Endolift® is performed with the latest Eufoton® LASEmaR® 1500, a device which is certified and approved by the American FDA for laser assisted liposuction.

Multifunctional Apparatus

LASEmaR® 1500 is a very powerful tool that can be used in several medical areas – Aesthetics & Plastic surgery, Aesthetic Dermatology, Gynecology, Phlebology, Proctology.


The core values behind our success

First Class Medical Training

We provide bespoke coaching programmes, all led by best in class aesthetic professors, and doctors.

Endolift® Laser Academy

at MediOracle

MediOracle is the official training institution for the Endolift® procedure internationally. We have provided training for many elite aesthetic practitioners across the world.

Training Ethos

Our courses have an emphasis on safety for our students and our models. You will learn the safest techniques along with how to handle any possible side effects and complications that may arise from treatments

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